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      When I import multiple tables into a clone, which are relating well in the original, the connections appear correct - but the related fields don't display. I'm guessing this is a key issue - but would think keys transfer with the table. I'm also guessing it's not a good idea to mess with the keys.


      Specifics: In the portal that displays on my primary layout are related contact records that have to do with my schedule. This is a date field, activity field, etc and tracks calls, appointments, and such. When I import both tables into a clone, each layout displays only the field information available in it's own table. The primary layout shows the schedule fields but they are empty - and the schedule layout shows the schedule without contact info like name and address.


      I'm rebuilding a file that I messed up (user error). I'd like to transfer the schedule table to the new file. It's only a few hours work that needs to be updated so it's easily done manually with a keyboard - but how can this be done reliably with an import, without losing relations, instead?


      Thanks, Thom


      Windows 7 FileMaker Pro 11

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          Use (or make) a layout that will show you the keys for your data. (If you have FileMaker Pro Advanced, you could also use the DataViewer.) Compare those in the source file to the those in clone with imported data.


          My guess is that you need to change the setting for performing auto-enter options when you import. If you are using FM's auto-enter serial number to create key data, and your records are getting new serial numbers at import, you would see the symptoms you're describing.




          Debi Rubel
          FullCity Consulting

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            Hi Debi -


            I am using auto enter when records are created but not choosing auto-enter options on import. What your saying makes sense to me though. I'll pursue it and see if there is something I'm missiing. You response  indicates that I should be able to do this which is also good information. I wasn't even sure it was do-able.


            Thanks, and when I figure it out I'll let you know,