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Question asked by tb3 on Jun 3, 2013
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When I import multiple tables into a clone, which are relating well in the original, the connections appear correct - but the related fields don't display. I'm guessing this is a key issue - but would think keys transfer with the table. I'm also guessing it's not a good idea to mess with the keys.


Specifics: In the portal that displays on my primary layout are related contact records that have to do with my schedule. This is a date field, activity field, etc and tracks calls, appointments, and such. When I import both tables into a clone, each layout displays only the field information available in it's own table. The primary layout shows the schedule fields but they are empty - and the schedule layout shows the schedule without contact info like name and address.


I'm rebuilding a file that I messed up (user error). I'd like to transfer the schedule table to the new file. It's only a few hours work that needs to be updated so it's easily done manually with a keyboard - but how can this be done reliably with an import, without losing relations, instead?


Thanks, Thom


Windows 7 FileMaker Pro 11