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Filemaker Inc, Genius, Marketing is out of Touch

Question asked by chuting on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by intex

I just tried to price Filemaker Pro on the filemaker website. Nothing. Put in a 1 (I just want one) and eventually got a $299.00 price. Pricing was hidden. Why?


The actual application programmers of Filemaker Pro are geniuses. The Marketing Arm of Filemaker are Apple IIe 'Lemonade Stand' flunkies.


Bundle Filemaker with new Apple Computers. Give it to Educational institutions. Use a Grant from Apple, Inc to get it rolling (same company?). Typical Windows users are turned off by the price - figure out the critical mass price.


Everyone then can use it. Critical Mass will be reached. The Marketing Arm has been squashing critical mass for 20 years, since Claris. Windows users, the 'normal' ones, ignore it as a very expensive option. Which it is.


Thinking that 'Bento' solves this is ignorant. Every School District in the United States would use it for Common Core standards data analytics (Federal), if it wasn't so-oo dang expensive. We need data analytics (and you should talk to Dr. Mark Edwards to then develop it, or pay the wonderful Filemaker Developers you have as part of your Forum! to set it up as useful templates for our young up and coming adults). You make it too expensive. Dr. Mark Edwards is our Nation's Superintendent of the Year by the way. Data Analytics is part of his tremendous educational results.


Please have your Pricing and Marketing people play 'Lemonade Stand' simulation from the Apple IIe days (a bundled app back then) to get a concept on how 'seeding' can create a critical mass to generate at least 10 times current sales.


just my 2 cents,


- Chuck