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Is it possible to create a Microsoft Word (.doc) file with table cells populated by FileMaker data?

Question asked by itraining on Jun 3, 2013
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G'day everyone


A client is sticking with Office 2003 and I want to create Microsoft Word (.doc) documents when they create a Quote or Invoice.

They like the functionality of tables (rows, columns, cells) in Word and dislike the lack of tables and awkward page breaks when they print/PDF their Quotes/Invoices using the layouts in FileMaker.


Question 1: Does anyone have a copy of EzyXSLT for Windows that I can purchase or "borrow"?

In the past I have used EzyXSLT but I only have the Mac version and it is too old to run on the Apple hardware and operating systems.


Question 2:

Are there any other methods to create a Microsoft Word (.doc) document where the table cells can be populated with data from FileMaker?

The Scribe plug-in from 360Works gets me very close but:

(a) it requires a .docx Word document

(b) the ScribeDocSubstitute function works beautifully but it does not populate table cells

(c) the ScribeDocWriteValue fucntion will populate table cells using Content Control Fields (CCF) but the "new" CCF appear to be incomaptible with the "older form fields" used in Word (.doc).


Thanks in advance.




Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)