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    How to select datarows where two certain values are set in a checkbox set?

      Hi there,


      I have a table with a field that is implemented with a checkbox set. Now I want to filter per script all datarows that e.g. have to of the checkboxes checked. If I switch manually to the search mode I can check the two boxes in question anf hit the search button. The "value1 AND value2-searc"h works fine.


      My script does unfortunately not. I scripted it like: (I translate it ex capita from German; maybe the commands are not exactly the one in English but I think it is clear)


      Enter Find Mode

      Set Field (Table::field, "Employee")

      Set Field (Table::field, "Apprentice")

      Perform Find

      Ende Browse Mode


      This script works like an "OR"-Search. What do I have to change?