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    FMS12 Web Publishing Engine - Slowdowns


      I am having some problems with a FileMaker Server 12 install. The Custom Web Publishing side of things keeps grinding to a complete halt. It does seem to correct itself in a few minutes, but that isn't good enough for the end user.


      I have outlined the settings below, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      The machine is running Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit.

      FileMaker Server is version 12.0v4


      During the crash Web Publishing Engine Service (fmscwpc.exe) memory usage steadily increases (you can watch it rising in the processes tab of Task Manager)

      After a reset the baseline is around 234,860K and I have seen it get up to around 750,000K during the crash.


      fmswpc.exe *32 memory usage is around 67,000K and seems consistent.


      I have observed the website slowing down (crashing), and when checked the fmscwpc.exe process memory usage had jumped to 704,000K

      I then restarted the World Wide Web Publishing Service and the memory usage dropped down to 600,000K and the site started working again.


      Doesn't appear to be related to the number of connections as I have observed the issue happening during non-peak times.


      During a crash there are usually multiple web connections showing in admin console. Closing these WPE users through the FileMaker Admin console also appears to resolves the issue.


      I have tried tweaking the FastCGI settings for IIS7.5. The current settings are


      Full Path: C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginephpphp-cgi.exe



      Environment Variables: (Collection)

      Instance MaxRequests: 10000

      Max Instances: 40

      Monitor changes to file:

      Standard error mode: TerminateProcess


      Activity Timeout: 140



      Protocol: NamedPipe

      Idle Timeout: 600

      Queue Length: 2000

      Rapid Fails PerMinute: 10

      Request Timeout: 90


      Changing these settings has lead to small improvements, but it is still experiencing problems.


      During a slowdown event plain html pages can still load, as well as a phpinfo test page.


      I have created two versions of the login page of the CWP solution - one uses XML to load information, the other uses the PHPAPI. Both of these are equally effected during slowdown events.

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          I am having the same problem with CWP solution using the Filemaker API. The fmscwpc process will at times grow to over 1gig, and the users will no longer be able to access it. I restart the server each night, which seems to have helped some, but the problem still occurs. I have seen other posts about this problem, but I have not seen any solutions. It appears that filemaker has been aware of the problem, but to date has not been able to come up with a solution. The logs show nothing but the usual errors associated with records not found, etc. It has only been happening to me on sites running FMS Server Advanced 12 on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit. This is a black eye for Filemaker. I have been thinking that perhaps I should look at a different DB software, but I hate to do that, as I have so much invested with Filemaker.

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            Problem still occurs. Has anyone else who uses Custom Web Publishing encountered this problem..Hard to determine the situation that might cause it, but I'm starting to wondedring if network slowdowns may be a cause.

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              John Funk

              I have a client server running Windows 2008 server, we have been having OS memory problems for a few weeks now, not sure what started it, I am suspecting a java update. What we have determined is the WPE is leaking memory, the server guys monitored all processes and determined it was WPE.. At first we thought it was our PHP script that uses XML to push and pull data from the DOS command line. But after some trials, we stopped using all PHP scripts, restarted the server and the memory still snuck up to max within 12 hours, actually as users logged on with FM clients. We have now closed WPE altogether to isolate it. If the memory does not grow I know it is WPE,I will report my findings.


              There was an issue like this on server 11 but I cannot find anything like this in 12.

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                Is your application CWP? If you shutdown the WPE, how will users access?

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                  John Funk

                  The main application is FileMaker native, we use WPE for data transfer only and we have a work around for that.

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                    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, what worked for you, does not work for me, as I use CWP. Hard to believe that this problem has been around as long as it has and Filemaker has not found a solution.

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                      John Funk

                      This really is not working for me I want to find an answer. We need the WPE capabilities, not to mention I am always getting pressure to switch to a SQL backend.

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                        FMI is aware of the problem.  It is rumored that a forth coming release, what ever number that release becomes, will have a new WPE component.  Don't quote me on that or when to expect it.  Sorry that this doesn't help you now.


                        I am curious however for those that are having the problem, are you configured for a single or multiple machines?