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    HELP!! Verizon vs ATT FM GO issue


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      We have four ipads running FM GO, three ATT and one verizon. but ever since last week Tim's verizon ipad which only does voice or data but not both at same time, stoped being able to sync quickly when on LTE. It workss fine on wi fi. We have copied the same files onto his ipad as the rest of us. Even switched it out at the apple store for a new one. It keeps saying URL data transfer and staying circling for about 70 seconds. This happens every time he edits a record..


      Full bars, good connection but only on his verizon iPad




      The "url" message arrises from a "instert from URL" step that is use to check that there is an IP connection before uplaoding or dowloading data. They have compltetly replaced the files on the Ipad with copies of the ones that work fine on ATT


      Works fine on ATT , not on Verizon.. Anyone??