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Dynamically generated layouts - is this possible?

Question asked by MartinBridges on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by MartinBridges

Interesting conundrum that I've been set. I have a critical path timeline with about 30 dates. These are in 5 groups. Artwork, Samples, Manufacture, Shipping and Packing. Each group has between 4 and 6 target dates. Naturally not all dates are relevant to every record and some groups can be missed out entirely. (who said clients were easy!?)


Any way all 5 groups take up the width of 2 screens so the client has to scroll. The client doesn't want to do this and wants to see one or more of the groups at a time based on ??? - he hasn't got that far yet. By my calculations the permutations mean 31 different layouts or else one layout with a number of hidden portals on top of each other. (Still seems easier to me to scrol - as clicking checkboxes to choose which layout to go to must be harder work!). The client still wants it.


Any way the client has some experience of Access and reckons I could 'do it dynamically as forms'. I have no experience of Access. I know with web technologies that you can dynamically change the layout on a page using spans, divs etc and making them conditional. Can this be done with FileMaker? I assume not and layouts are static. However one can play with... almost identical layouts, tabs, hidden conditional objects and the anchoring/stretching feature to give the semblance of dynamic layout.


Can any one suggest an easier way of giving the client 31 permutations?