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    Signature container security settings


      I am using a container field to capture signatures on the iPad. I have full access, and it works fine for me, however I have field staff with limitted permissions and tapping the field will not open the dialog box as it does for me. I have looked to security permissions to turn on, but I can't fine any. The field is set to modifiable in the custom field privileges. Am I missing something?

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          For this privilege set, is "Edit" set to "Yes" as well as "View"?  Does making a signature involve creating a new record?  If so, does this privilege set allow the creation of a new record?  I assume they are seeing something and therefore also have access to the layout for their privilege set.  You are looking in the right place, but just have to figure out the correct privileges configuration. 

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            I am using custom privileges for records, layouts & scripts. For records, yes both view and edit are set to yes, and the 2 signature container fields are set to modifiable.The signature is for existing records, so no creation is required. All other fields on that same layout are working fine, except for the signature fields. The dialog box does not open. If there are already signatures in the fields, they are viewable. I am not using a script to capture the signature. Thank you.

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              For that privilege set, what are the settings for "Available menu commands" and "Allow exporting" (right hand side of Edit Privilege Set dialog)? FWIW, I've seen exporting rights tied to importing rights, and the dialog you want, I believe, is one that would allow that.


              Does fiddling with either of those settings help?


              Debi Rubel
              FullCity Consulting

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                I also designed an app that uses Container fields to capture signatures. By default Filemaker allows this to work. I did not have to setup anything to make it work.


                Try the sample apps and see if the container fields allow you to use the Camera/Signature pad. If you still have the Issue It could be a restriction on the iPad itself no on your app. Revise your iPad Security settings.



                Oscar S.

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                  Thanks Debi, I had the Available menu commands set to minimal, so I set it to all, and that did the trick. It now works great.

                  Thank you so much!

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                    do you happen to know what is the file format of the graphic that is stored in a container field when Insert from Device (Signature) is used?  That is, is it a JPG or a PNG or a TIFF?  Something esle?



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                      Hey Dennis,


                      When you use the Insert From Device and choose signature, it saves the file as a PNG file.  Of course I use MBS software to change formats if I don't like a particular one.  But PNG is pretty good and even supports transparency. 

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                        The MBS solution is working.  The iPad users have to hand off the task to the server and the MBS plug-in for the server is more expensive, but it gets the job done.  See you tomorrow.