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Help in defining the right signin approach for my project objectives

Question asked by hiconcepts on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2013 by taylorsharpe

Here is the situation: I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 12. My project is a matching system. Individuals sign up and enter their characteristics and contact info in a database. Others can sign up and query the database to match the characteristics they are looking for against individuals that have entered those characteristics. The system will ultimately be hosted by a provider that caters to FM databases. Access to my database will be under a unique domain name. Here is what I want to have happen in the ideal:


New user goes to the domain

Establishes a new account

Enters info in a unique user record.

Can only enter info or modify their own record.

Can sign in again later and update their info.


Search user goes to the domain

Establishes a new account

Goes to a search screen and enters a multi-field search

Reads the results of the search, and may print out the results.

Search user may enter an unlimited number of searches, one at a time.


I have had problems implementing the new account signin (see previous post)


What would you recommend as the new account setup approach? Is it necessary for me to get an email from the new user requesting setup, and having me do their initial account setup? (not preferred)


How does a previously established user return and sign in with name and password? I can't find any script steps that would work for this. Re-login is not compatible with web publishing.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.