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    Exporting summary fields from filemaker


      Dear forum,


      I have set up a subsummary report. The report sorts parts by part number. I have fields and summary fields showing.


      I want to export the data from filemaker to Excel.


      When i export the data normally (i.e. find records i want to export, sort records by part number, go to FILE---Export file, choose to export to Excel, sekect fields i want to export, SAVE) ay normal number of text fields etc show okay. However, summary fields do not show correctly.



      Is it possible to export summary fields to excel?

      If so please can someone talk me through how to do this?


      Many thanks



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          Yes... it is certainly possible...


          Summary fields work only after sorting. If you were to sort by Month... then set up the export and checkbox the Summary field option for Month, when you move the summary field to the RHS it should offer the summary by Month as a field to export. You don't want to select any record level fields except those which you are summarising (sorting) by.


          Sorry this is a bit vague as I haven't done this for a long time and I don't have time now to do a demo...

          Let me know how you go...


          - Lyndsay