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    why do some files prompt for name and password?


      FMP12 and FMSA12 (the same thing happened with FM11)


      We have a dozen or so files on our FMSA12 server with a couple dozen users. We have set up the same names and passwords on all files so when a user logs in to one file, the other files open hidden automatically. However, there is one file which prompts for the username and password even though it uses the same name and pw as the other files. Why is that?

      Under File Options, the setting for "Log in Using" is blank.



      Steve Moore

      Cumberland, Maine

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          Hi Steve,


          I cannot answer this, but must pile-on as a +1 in quest for an answer. My setup is like yours with each file setup with the same privilege set names, user names and passwords. I even get the logon screen sometimes when entering manage database. I have tried more things than I can remember to resolve this with limited joy.





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            I think for credentials to be passed automatically from one file to another, an automatic log in must be entered. It doesn't have to be the same credentials that the other file is passing. It simply has to have one account set to automatic to accept the passing of any credentials. This is kind of a blast from the distant past - I haven't tested it recently - but as I recall, this is the case. Worth trying in any event.


            That said I have seen a persistent issues when opening many files, where one of them, for no explicable reason, will ask for credentials instead of accepting them automatically. I don't think I've ever had this problem opening about 15 files or less. It usually seem to hit when you are in the 25 to 30+ file range.



            Bob Gossom

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              All it takes is one file set to auto login with an account to break the use-previouse-login chain.




              File1 - opened with login "me", "me"

              File2 - opened from File1

              File3 - opened from File2 but has an auto-login of Guest


              File3 - opens File4, but because File3 uses Guest so does File4.



              Properly opening every file in the solution from the startup script in File1 will prevent this scenario.


              Make sure you do not Run script in related file to open it. Use the open File commands for all related files and then Run any scripts required in each file as startup processing. This prevents the script from opening related files.


              If the user stores their login for every database in the 'keychain' they can also prevent the second request.

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                I've seen this issue even when authenticating using external server accounts. What's odd is it seems to happen when you open the Manage Database dialog. But no, like Steve, we don't use the auto-login feature, so that's not it.



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                  Thank you, Jimmy!

                  We do have one file which opens with a default name and pw, and then gets changed when the user enters their PIN to use the file. We never had the problem before because that was the last file to open. But recently we added a new file to the solution, which is (now) obviously opening last, trying to use that default pw.

                  Aha! Thank you for the enlightenment!


                  Steve Moore

                  Cumberland, Maine