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Numeric data input problem due to keyboard layout (period or komma)

Question asked by on Jun 7, 2013
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In Belgium (also France) we use AZERTY keyboard.

The rest of the world uses Qwerty.


Under the numeric keyboard,

in AZERTY there is a komma

in QwERTY there is a period.


This affects data imput in an important way :


Entering 1,5 (one and a half) with both keyboards you get :

in AZERTY : 15 (the komma is not recognised in a numeric field, so is ignored)

in QWERTY : 1,5 (correct value of "one and a half")


In Azerty, to get the correct value, you have to go to the left side of the keyboard to get the period.

VERY unfortunate, inefficient, unhandy and most of all, subject to mistakes (since many users forget this rule, so enter false data).


Very strangely, when entering the "," under the numeric pad in AZERTY, you see on the screen a "." ... but it is not recognised as a decimal seperator.


To get around this problem, I'm using a script trigger :


Set Variable [$input ; Value:input::Numeric_Input]

If [PatternCount ($input ; “.” ) = 1]

Set Field [input::Numeric_Input ; Substitute ($input ; “.”; “,”)]

End If


But you'll agree to have this set up for ALL numeric fields is quite inefficient...

there must be a more system wide solution possible for this, I hope ?