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Keeping Year-old Data: Your thoughts

Question asked by jbrown Expert on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2013 by disabled_ScottKoontz

Hey everyone.

I'm finishing up today, my 2 full time jobs: Teacher and database developer for 3 schools, 100 users a day. I'm excited to be able to do the database work full time next year within my schools.

Wanted to ask you about keeping year-old data. I have three tables that have kept attendance, merits and demerits, and behavior consequneces data for the past year. The merit table alone contains oaver 177K records.

WHat does a developer do? Does he/she (in this case he) keep the data in the table? Does he summarize the data various ways, throw that info in a table and erase all the data?
I'm just curious what to do: it seems that if in one year over 177,000 records were created, within 3 years, this one table could be close to 600,000 records. Is it wise to keep that many records in a database just sitting there?
I'm sure your answer will have to do with the need to go back and look at the data from previous years; i have my thoughts on that, i'd like to know yours.