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    Need direction on defining relationships


      The last version of FileMaker Pro I used was FMP7 to design a database for a community radio station. It was a flat database that tracked contributors. It has been used for many years and requires volunteers to retype contributor data each year. I'm hoping to create a relational database that will do several things. 1.Allow volunteers to look up data from a contributors table so they do not have to type it in each year. 2. Track contributions by program. 3. Accurately track "premiums" gifts to contributors. Here are my problems. Contributors often give to more than one show. Additionally, contributors often collect more than one gift. I watched Cris Ippolite's relational FMP12 session on Lynda.com. While helpful in understanding the power of FMP12, it has left my head swimming trying to resolve the many-to-many conflicts I have with these two areas. Diagramming help and advice, greatly appreciated.

      Thanks Chuck

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          Hi Chuck,


          Welcome back to filemaker. Do you have a good entity list? If not try to right out all the main processes the database will need to perform and pick out all the nouns in the prose. These will be your entity candidates. From there you can begin to identify the attributes from the entities. The entities left will be your base tables, more/less, but remember it is not a precise science, rather a skill. So practice is the key. Many to many relationships are resolved with join tables, which exist for the sole purpose of simplifying data access, they’re the crossroads where two entities meet and record the common fields of the meeting.


          Since it is a skill, your best help will come from providing us the prose & your impression of the nouns ( entity list vs. attribute list ) and ask for help / pointers for how to approach the joins needed to diagram it up.




          Hope This Helps,



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            Thank you, that was indeed helpful. I'm lucky in that there is not a tight deadline. I'm taking this on as a summer project.  I'll revisit the step you suggested and also review the sessions on Lynda.com