FM 12 UpGrade

Discussion created by tomtheriault on Jun 7, 2013
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I develop on a Mac and I've been upgrading each version since FM 6.  Though I know some versions you needed to by the whole thing ... I think. 


Anyway ...


I had to put my Mac in for service thinking I would just install my FM 12 from my CD I alway buy along with my updates to my PC. And I just remembered that I bought the FM 12 UpDate Version, hmm ...


So now what ... I'm away from my hard files for a week ( not thinking ) and I need to install from my FM 12 Upgrade CD onto the PC while I'm away.


Is this forum Filemaker Inc ?? and if so, Would Filemaker give me access to my FM 11 download serial activation key so I can download 11, them update 11 to 12 with my 12 UpDate CD ??


Am I making any sense here.


Any guidance in this matter I would be grateful.


Thank you.


Tom :-)