Script for filtering records by specific fields and within one year

Discussion created by kaiviti on Jun 7, 2013
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Hi All,


I am sure this has already been answered so, if you know where it is please point me in the right direction.


I am trying to write a script that finds records based on three criteria:

The first criteria searches for "Airplane" in the "Transport" field and "Start of Swing" in the "Reason" Field.

The second criteria also searches for "Airplane" in the "Transport" field but "End of Swing" in the "Reason" Field.

The third criteria searches for all records from the found set within one year from todays date.


I can easily get a Perform Find script to return the first two criteria. I am having trouble getting the third to work.

I have tried a find specifying the first two criteria and then tried to constrain the found set using an "insert calculated result" but it doesn't work.

The calculated result formula is ">=" & Get(CurrentDate) - 365.

I also tried to add a "Modify Last Find" using the same formulae but, it doesn't work.

If I do a find with the formula only, it works.


I need to be able to use all three criteria at once. Can anyone help please?