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    FileMaker Server 12 on Mountain Lion

      I just tried to instal FileMaker Server 12 on my new mac OS X Mountain Lion and although the installation went well I can't access the admin console.

      I used the installer on:


      Without succes.

      Anyone has a workaround? I don't need xml or webpublishing, just the server to backup and share.



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          The problem is Java.  Have you made sure you have the latest version of Java.  You can also reset Java if it is giving you a hard time.  I have a server that is still not running Java 7 properly and won't open Admin console, but I just use other machines to connect to it remotely (e.g., http://[insert IP]:16000) and that has been my workaround while I figure out what is going on with Java.  Java has been a world of hurt for FileMaker this past year and I'm hoping FileMaker is looking to get away from Java for the Admin console in future versions. 

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            In addition to the info that you had from Taylor, you might overcome your Java issues by making sure that you clear the Java cache of legacy temp files. Dave Simerly kindly offered the following suggestion which helped me get the Admin Console open after installing FMS V12.0.4.405 on my MacBookPro running ML 10.8.3 . . . and then getting mad that the Admin Console was so damned fickle


            Did you try opening System Preferences > Java, and then go into General > Temporary Internet Files > Settings and try deleting the temporary files? There may be some old versions left in there which are confusing things.

            I hope this helps,