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    QR code pen scanner


      We regularly attend/host a fair with business partners, mostly universities. We would like to be able to track attendance. Not wanting to depend on attendees having certain devices with certain scanner apps, we plan on reversing the process and supply attendees with printed tags/cards with a unique QR code (2D code). The idea being that they will then go to a room, have their card scanned, and we will know who went to which seminar. As there are 30+ exhibitors/partners, the scanning equipment at each stand should be priced below an iPad or a computer. Therefore, I would like to hear recommendations on a pen-shaped scanner that is able to scan and store. We would then afterwards 'empty' the pens - which should be marked of course.



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          I have found that there are so many iPhone out there, it is easier to just use them as scanners and use the CNS barcode app to scan into FileMaker fields.  Yes you can buy custom scanners if you need, but the iPhone works pretty well. 

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            With apps like CNS barcode, make sure you test them long before you need to use them. They are handy if you already have an iPhone or iPod Touch and don't want to carry around a second device, but they can be slow, and the app-switching mechanism can be even slower. If many of your staff already have iPhones, bluetooth scanners are usually much faster. Zero Blue has a healthy selection.

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              I do agree with jbante on the speed thing.  I have a warehousing client that tried to use iPhone/CNS and it just was too slow and they had to go back to regular barcode scanners.  But if speed isn't that big of a deal and people have iPhones, they are an easy and cheap solution.  I used it for a confernce checkin system of a couple hundred people a few months ago and iPhones worked well for us for that situation. 

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                Apparently, I did not make myself clear: Last time I checked, an iPhone was not priced below an iPad or a computer... I was going for a scanner with a price tag around DKK 1.500 (€ 200). There would be 30+ scanners, one for each exhibitor.

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                  An iPhone doesn't cost anything if you already have it, which many people do, which is why we mentioned the other solutions as possibilities. CNS Barcode is $10.

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                    We don't have that many iPhones. Still asking for experience with pen-shaped QR code scanners.