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    Concurrency Question


      I know FileMaker Server can host 125 databases and I know that a database can have 250 concurrent users (or more for FMSA). Does the concurrency mean 250 concurrent users for each database? So if I have three hosted databases I could theoretically have 750 concurrent users?

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          I've hit the limit previously (through CWP connections on a filemaker server) at the listed 200 connections. But the specifications list that "theoretically" you can have unlimited FMP and ODBC clients connecting to server advanced.


          with the caveat: "** Connections are limited only by your hardware, database design, and operating system."



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            Thanks Mike.  Concurrency on CWP is different than on a FileMaker client.  I'm curious about the concurrency on the client.  The Capacities matrix on the link you posted does not clarify whether the 250 limit is per hosted database or for all hosted databases combined.  Again, if I have three hosted databases, is my concurrency capacity 750 or 250?

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              It's 250.



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                wouldn't want us to get too greedy...


                Hey Mike B... what happened when you hit the limit. Did you get errors or did it just seize up and need restarting like my FMS9 does?


                (I feel like my name should be Mike too :-)


                - Lyndsay

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                  Reading the chart on that page, it is noted under a "theoretical" column as "No Limit**", with the ** indicating my caveat above.


                  I would read this as there being NO limit (theoretically) to the number of simultaneous connected users to the server. Which would give Daniel the 750 connections he was looking for.


                  See attached screenshot.


                  This paragraph is also listed on that page:


                  TCP/IP; FileMaker Server 12 is limited to 250 simultaneous FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced client connections and FileMaker Server 12 Advanced does not limit the number of simultaneous FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced client connections; each FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced client requires a licensed copy of FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced 12.


                  So I think that yes, with filemaker server advanced, you CAN exceed the "250" user limit.


                  Think we could get a bunch of people at devcon to test this out?

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                    I got 408 errors. "Request Timeout".


                    We were doing a massive data entry collection effort that was using CWP to pull lists, have user modification (JQgrid, very useful!), and then push lists back via a PHP/AJAX/Jquery frontend. While it was overall a general success, we started getting the 408 errors during peak times. It wasn't a huge deal though, as I was able to deploy a shorter timeout in my code, which seemed to fix things by later in the day.

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                      250 with Server; "unlimited" with Server Advanced.


                      The 250 is a coded limit on client connections, not per-database. Hence in the context of his original question, the answer is 250. To get more, he'd need Server Advanced.



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                        Thanks Mike and Mike.


                        Mike_Mitchell said: Hence in the context of his original question, the answer is 250.


                        Yes, that is my question.  So if I have 1 or 125 hosted databases on FMS (not FMSA) I can still only have 250 concurrent users.


                        I should also note that I don't have the need for that many databases nor that many concurrent users.  I did have the need for clarity so I thank you both.

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                          ah, I didn't really read into Daniel's first post, so Mike M. is right, it IS limited to 250 for FMS, "theoretically unlimited" for FMSA.