iOS7 impact on FMGo

Discussion created by mikebeargie Expert on Jun 10, 2013
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So who else was tuned into WWDC today? I don't think that iOS7 will have too great of an impact on FMGO, but wanted to hear if anyone else thought otherwise.


New features in iOS7 include:

1) Translucent keyboard shows content behind it (hey, this is a good thing for Go!)

2) UI gyroscopic response

3) New app "switcher" (double tap home button)

4) more translucent UI controls

5) every native app has been "overhauled" to match the new "flat" UI (suspiciously windows 8-esque in some cases)

6) flashlight app (uuuummm, ok?)

7) multitasking support for all apps (might improve our "hibernation" abilities?)

8) auto-update in app store, "opportunistic" (IE senses your connection speed and adjusts accordingly).

9) Airdrop - share images wirelessly (might be expandable?)

10) Photo filters built in to camera app (thanks instagram)

11) New Siri voices (male, female)

12) iOS in the car (god forbid anyone is doing full on GO usage while driving)

13) iTunes Radio (thanks pandora)

14) Activation lock (an anti-theft OS level security measure)