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    iOS7 impact on FMGo


      So who else was tuned into WWDC today? I don't think that iOS7 will have too great of an impact on FMGO, but wanted to hear if anyone else thought otherwise.


      New features in iOS7 include:

      1) Translucent keyboard shows content behind it (hey, this is a good thing for Go!)

      2) UI gyroscopic response

      3) New app "switcher" (double tap home button)

      4) more translucent UI controls

      5) every native app has been "overhauled" to match the new "flat" UI (suspiciously windows 8-esque in some cases)

      6) flashlight app (uuuummm, ok?)

      7) multitasking support for all apps (might improve our "hibernation" abilities?)

      8) auto-update in app store, "opportunistic" (IE senses your connection speed and adjusts accordingly).

      9) Airdrop - share images wirelessly (might be expandable?)

      10) Photo filters built in to camera app (thanks instagram)

      11) New Siri voices (male, female)

      12) iOS in the car (god forbid anyone is doing full on GO usage while driving)

      13) iTunes Radio (thanks pandora)

      14) Activation lock (an anti-theft OS level security measure)

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          It's interesting.  Some nice relatively minor updates.  I was hoping for a bit more.  I think it's a shame Airdrop will only work on 4rth gen and newer iPads.   Certainly the 3rd Gen would have enough HP?


          I'm sure FM will adapt Go to the new features relatively quickly.

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            I'm wondering if file tagging is going to translate from OSX9 to iOS7, and if containers will be able to store, edit & export the tags associated with the container file.

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              Well, I bet there will be no APIs and they are probably just stored as extended attributes (like comments, label and others). So we may need to add plugin functions for the desktop to handle them in 10.9. For Filemaker Go, no idea what Filemaker Inc will do.

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                It's my understanding that the font has changed in iOS 7, can anyone confirm if this is going to affect FM Go?

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                  From what I understand, they are just expanding the font library with new versions of font "weights" (IE Helevtica Neue).


                  I think this is just an iOS change itself, and will not affect anything INSIDE of Go. Go/12 are both running on markup/css-esque front end layout display, so I believe the font it's pulling is unique to the layout objects themselves, not penchant on iOS.


                  If anything, it will open the ability to get "smaller" in FMGo, without the loss of readability. However I don't see if having an impact on any existing layouts.