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Slow radio buttons in database on a remote terminal server - any tips ?

Question asked by hugall1998 on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2013 by RubenVanDenBoogaard

Hi all,

I have the current setup:

My database is hosted on a filemaker server 11 (for win) on a dedicated server machine. My clients (in various countries in europe) connect via remote desktop to an another netserver (2003 win) where they start a FM 11 client and access the database on the FM server machine via Open remote.

All users are in windows environment, the (international) connection speed is reasonable and the database has around 4-5 users simultaniously active at any given time. The database has around 4000 records (increasing rapidly) with one main layout with a tab, under which are several related tables (portals). Most fields are entry fields (edit) but on a couple of tabs, the fields are predominantly radio buttons or check boxes (perhaps 15-20 fields).


My problem is as follows:

Some users have the (apparantly known) problem that when they click a radio button it does not fill until after 1-3 seconds (sometimes longer time) forcing them to enter data "blindly", that is selecting a couple of radiobuttons and then have to wait until the circles fill out. This problem of "latency" or delay only seems to affect radio buttons and check boxes, not fill in fields or fields with drop down menus etc.


I have tried to search for similar problems in the forum as well as on the net in general have not found any conclusive solutions. In some posts I found, the relative small size of the radio button means that they fall within a "grid" unit on the layout so the refresh needed does not happen soon enough, another post listed the main cause is the hardware specs of the remote server (where the clients start the FM), especially cpu speed and RAM.

In only one post did I find a suggestive solution, mainly to turn all the radio buttons to field with a drop down menu (or a popup menu), thus eliminiating the problem. This would be my last resort as I selected the radio button approach as it fitted the data being entered.


At the moment this is not a critical problem but may rapidly become so as number of records and user will increase in the coming weeks and months.


Has anyone encountered this problem with FM 11, using a similar remote server setup, and if so, how did you solve it?


Thank you all in advance

Larus Jon Gudmundsson