Syntax Coloring in FM - Solved

Discussion created by nickchapin on Jun 10, 2013
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Note: if you never use Mac systems, you can skip the rest of this.


So, as many of you know, the wonderful MBS plugin allows coloring our code (on the Mac only) in both scripts and calculations. Even though I frequently code in BBEdit, I still love having my code colored within FM. The only issue I've had with the implementation is that it's a bit of a pain to get all of your steps and calc options colored. Now it's not!


In my never-ending quest to make life lazy, I created a nifty little FMP utility file that does all the coloring for me; it allows me to change colors at the drop of a hat for some or all of the bits the plugin allows. (I've got most of my script steps colored by category - Control, Navigation, et cetera. One could also colorize by compatibility too.) One of the cool things I like the most is coloring <missing field> and <unknown> bits in the script so they pop out - very useful.


Anyway, attached is the file (v12). It's open and free. You will need the plugin.


I hope you find it useful!!