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I've run into a bit of a problem in regards to using automation. I was wondering if anybody else had come across this problem, and if so, how to overcome this problem. As a basic over-view, we are using automation to integrate with Citrix. This is to allow for users to have a seemless experience while using FileMaker through a Citrix session.


The problem that we have come across, as part of our 'error catching', we have put in a function that tests whether FileMaker has an open DB. What happens is that if FileMaker is in a specific state, FM will respond and say that there is no Active DB open. The Call that we are using to test this is "(FMPRO70Lib.IFMIDocument)fileMakerDocs.Active". When a DB is open, this will reposnd with the DB name/s, else it will fail and respond 'Null'


For a bit more detail on the state; When you open a Database, a normal DB window will open, all is well. If you then open a 'Floating Window' and set that as the point of focus, FileMaker will respond to the above command and say that there is no open DB. switch the Focus to the Normal window again, and the command will respond with the DB name/s.


So what this means is that in some instances, if you try to complete a ActiveX call to run a script and you are, or end up on a Floating Window, then this ActiveX call will Fail, as the Error Catching will stop the command from being sent. FileMaker will fail anyway, as the Command get lost due to it thinking that there is no open DB.


I have raised this as a support call with FM but they have directed me to the forums.


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.