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Does FileMaker API support multi-key fields

Question asked by davidrcrowe on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2013 by mbraendle

The FileMaker client supports what are called "multi-key fields" by FileMaker:


This is simply a single field which contains multiple values separated by carriage returns, which is part of a relationship with another table.


So if one field in one record contains:





That one record could match multiple records in another table which contain, in the relationship field, red, blue or green.


My question is whether the FileMaker API supports this?


I have used an HTML <textarea> field, and it retrieves no records if there is more than one line in it. I have changed the carriage return (ASCII 10) to the FileMaker line delimiter (ASCII 13), to no avail.


Am I using the wrong character? Does this work with the PHP API?