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Differences in Web Viewer between FMP11 and FMP11 Advanced

Question asked by jeffduck on Jun 11, 2013

I have some jQuery tools that I've written to run in web viewers. There are two different tools on the same layout. One has five sliders and the other has a Bezier curve. They both use the same version of jQuery and are written similarly but I did have help from different people with each one (I don't know javaScript but hacked my way through it and with some help, got it working)


This doesn't use any plug-ins and they both work perfectly in FMP11 Advanced. But when I run the solution in FMP11 on the same computer with everything else the same, the slider works fine but I can't interact with the Bezier curve at all. Also, the body size seems to be affected and scroll bars appear on both web viewers. I can enter values in the related fields and it will update the handle positions of the curve but that's the best that I can get to work.


Is anyone aware of this issue and any suggestions to work around it? I would like to avoid adding a plug-in to the solution and it seems that if it's working in Pro Advanced it should work in Pro.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



FMP 11 Advanced - works fine

javaScript in FMP11 Advanced.png


FMP11 - Scroll bars appear and there's no interaction with the Bezier curve

javaScript in FMP11.png