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    Insert PDF Menu is greyed out


      FileMaker 12 and Windows. Hosted solution.


      I have been using externally stored interactive containers to store PDFs in my solution.


      All of a sudden the insert PDF menu command is greyed out and the insert pdf scrpt step is also not working.


      The hosted path appears to be fine.


      I did go through the back door and delete a couple of orphaned PDF. Would that impact this?

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          Did you change something with custom menus?  If you are using custom menus, you need to make sure the PDF options are enabled.

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            I work at this client using remote access to a computer they have set up for me. It seems they have switched from using Acrobat to Nuance, PDF Converter. Everything is working as expected on other machines which still have Adobe Reader installed. So it looks like maybe that when Nuance was installed some part of the web browser plug in was disabled.


            Anyone used Nuance instead of Acrobat to provide the web browser plug in needed for PDFs and interactive containers?