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Taskkill Safe for Clean Shutdown FMP on Windows?

Question asked by lkeyes on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by MarcDolley

Hi...I'm looking for a safe, automated way to cleanly shut down FMP on a user's Windows 7 workstation. I want to run a script or batch file which does something like:


If FileMaker is in the Tasklist

Taskkill /IM FileMaker* /T



where /IM = the image name of FileMaker and any additional processes like web publishing.

and /T = The main program and any child processes spawned by the main process.


This seems to work OK manually...



1. If a user is on their own workstation and sharing a FMP file on another user's workstation via Network sharing, will this be a problem? (could be a FMGO user too..)

2. If a user on the "sharing" workstation shuts down, and there are others logged into the database, either from FM desktops or FMGo on their machine is that a problem?


Ideas appreciated. TIA.


--- L FMCommandLine.png