Disable Record editing

Discussion created by haucke on Jun 12, 2013
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Newby here....


I have developed a nice user interface for a field Work Order system. I have 2 major challenges and I will touch on one of them here. After a technician captures a signature I want them to close the work order. Once closed I need to prevent any further changes to said Work Order otherwise the siganture is worthless. I have yet to find a way to dynamically enable and disable field editing. I have an "Archive" field that is set to a 1 for in progress and when they complete the work order it is set to a 2. Obviously one approach would be to have that process move that record to another table and make another layout with all the fields disabled. Seems like that is a bit of a waste, but if no other options are offered up here that is what I will have to do...


Any Ideas out there?