FMRPC -FM Academy Webinar Recording from June 6th

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Thank you for joining us on June 6th for the FMRPC: Let the Server Do the Work webinar. In case you missed it or would like to refer to it again, it is available on FM Academy’s YouTube Channel:

FMRPC: Let the Server Do the Work


The webinar showcased FMRPC (FileMaker Remote Procedure Call) which allows FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go to offload data and processor-intensive operations to FileMaker Server, thus dramatically boosting mobile application performance. FMRPC also allows FileMaker Go to use plug-ins and send JDBC commands, thus enabling mobile FileMaker applications to perform functions it never could before. FMRPC is a new product created by the teams at Skeleton Key and 360Works.


The agenda included:

  • A side-by-side comparison of application performance with and without FMRPC
  • A demonstration of how easy it is to install and configure FMRPC
  • A demonstration on how easy it is to implement FMRPC into your solution
  • A demonstration of best practices and approaches that make the most of what FMRPC offers


Learn more about FMRPC here.