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    Display Problem


      Created a project for Ipad.
      When I look at some pictures posted, I get the error message
      Could not open file "?" (Do not find)
      on the Ipad

      What is the problem and how can I fix this?

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          Can you provide a screenshot of the error, as well as explain how you have container storage configured (IE local or remote storage)?


          I'd imagine it has to do with GO not being able to find the source that is referenced for the container storage.

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            The picture in the container is stored locally.
            Sitting in Sweden so the error message is in Swedish.





            It should be said that the images were saved when the project was run on a computer. That's when I add the project to an Ipad problem occurs.

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              Hi Elephant,


              My Swedish is a bit rusty :-) , but I am guessing that the images where stored as a reference on the computer, so when the database was transferred to the iPad it could not find the images, which are still on the computer.


              There are 2 solutions, first, store the images in a container, this is the easiest way, or store the images using the external storage and also copy the external storage to the iPad.


              Hope this helps,


              Best regards,


              Ruben van den Boogaard

              Infomatics Software


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                All images are stored in containers.

                Have tried to transfer my photos to the Ipad. Removed the existing and replaced them with those on the iPad. Get the same error message.

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                  Have solved the problem.
                  One must make sure that filemaker is turned off (on the Ipad) before you transfer the project file to iPad.