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Filtering Data

Question asked by Jason_Farnsworth on Jun 12, 2013
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I have an interesting hurdle to think through and would like to get some thoughts from you guys.


I have a quoting table and within that table I have several calculations that are time based (how many hrs to complete said task). Not all of the calculations happen as the quoting tables handles several different types of Jobs that could be quoted. In my quote table I have the field names for the labor functions all containing with LAB (d_MAC_LAB_FTS_01) which tells me that that field is a labor calculation. These is also a lot of other fields within the table that are inputs and general details, that I am not concerned with at the moment.


I need to extract the time calculations from the Quote table to fill up and populate and Budget Table. What I would like is to extract the field name along with the value in that field to fill the Budget table and only the ones that have values > 0. I am not sure I can find via Fieldname or really a filtered "LAB" search of that text within a filename.


Or is this a new type of relationship handled within the relationship graph?


I just cant seem to get me head around a good solution,


Thanks in advance,


Jason Farnsworth,

Midland, TX