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To display states info on US map

Question asked by Lizhe on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by Lizhe

I'd like to show some US states info on a US map. So far, I found two possible solutions: one from Google fusion table API; one from


(1) the google site ( shows a map at county level in CA and some html code, which I don't know how to integrate into my filemaker solution and also need to be modified to display info on the State level

(2) the Interactive Charts.fp7 file from Logicurio showed a map on country level in a webview with a code of "['Germany',200],['United States',300],['Brazil',400],['Canada',500],['France',600],['RU',700]&h=480&w=818". However, I cannot get a geo.php for US to display the US map.


Any suggestions? Thank you very much for your help.