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One of the three other OLE users -- convert >2500 documents

Question asked by Norsult on Jun 12, 2013



yes, it's deprecated. But we have a case where a database file contains more than 2500 contracts stored as Acrobat .pdf files in the Windows OLE format.

Now we need to get at them, update the original .pdf and correct some errors in the thumbnails and store again in a container using managed storage form FM12.


The big issue is: we can activate Acrobat by executing the script step "goto field <containerfield>" with the option ]select] enabled and the object will be opened and displayed.

BUT: the original filename is lost. When saving the file, a generic 'Acrobat Document.pdf' is created and overwrites without question any existing file.


So, any idea how to specify the name (assuming batch processing)? How to communicate from FMP12 or 11 to Acrobat?


If it is too complicated we might need to do that manually, it is only >17 GByte of data.


Thanks for ideas and tipps,