Filemaker Server 12 on an OSX Server?

Discussion created by DEC on Jun 12, 2013
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Hi there!


I'm planning to lease a Mac Mini and load OSX server onto it for the purpose of creating a remote file server for my home/mobile office. The file-sharing will be limited largely to myself; I plan to occasionally grant limited access to my clients, who will log in from time to time to access my work product. The files are largely comprised of Word docs and scanned pdf documents. I'm the only one who will be dipping into it every day.


The Filemaker Server is for no one to use but myself (strictly as a testing environment for the various databases I develop).


I'm not going to serve web pages, email, or anything else from this server; all the other OSX Server functions will be shut off. I hope to have Time Machine backing up the various files to an external drive, but I'll be careful to program it to bypass backing up Filemaker and its files, and will use Filemaker Server's scheduled backups for that.


I understand that Filemaker Server prefers to be on its own machine, but do you think it'd be permissible for me to have the server perform both of these functions with no material drawbacks? It's got plenty of hard drive space, and 12 gigs of RAM.


Thank you!