Mac connection to Windows Server breaking things in filemaker

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Jun 13, 2013
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Hello all,

I know this is not strictly a filemaker problem, but I have encountered this problem a few times with a client of mine...


They are in a mixed environment, mac & PC connecting to a shared volume on a windows server.


Sometimes, when a mac connects to the server, there is a problem with filemaker using filepaths to images stored on the server as a reference and the reason is due to the way the volume name is addressed when the Mac connects.


the shared volume name is Images_new

sometimes (yes, only sometimes), when you connect from a Mac, the volume connects perfectly, everything appears perfectly, however, if you get info on any of the files on that volume, the filepath shows as "/Volumes/Images_new -1" - which in turns breaks a lot of scripts I have that use the filepath "/Volumes/Images_new",


I know there are ways around this, but does anyone know what this indicates? What does the "-1" mean? Can it be avoided?


I am using the file paths with Base Elements plugins, which don't seem to work if you use an IP address to reference the path, so that makes it even more interesting, either way, I would like to know waht this means, anyone....?