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    Orange Address in Outlook from FM




      After upgrading users from Entourage to Outlook 2011 for Mac, on Leopard, some of the address entries in emails that are generated from FM, appear with a question mark and in orange. If you double click on the address in Outlook, they seem to become valid and it is OK to send the message.


      None of the code in FM changed, but does Outlook 2011 for Mac require anything to change on the FM side when getting address from FM?


      Using FM v10 and v11.




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          Hi Evan,


          Can you give a little more detail about your outlook config? IE exchange / POP ?


          I know that marking signifies address corruption, so the usual steps are sometimes as drastic as uninstalling/reinstalling office and re-configuring office.


          Do you notice it only happens when you are trying to send to other exchange users?


          This is definitely a problem resulting from your upgrade, I don't think Filemaker has anything to do with it.