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Work Order Report

Question asked by haucke on Jun 17, 2013
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Newbie again...

Situation... SQL Server with Dynamics SL providing Data to a FileMaker Server which then provides data to iPad FileMaker Go databases. I get a Work Order Header records as well as reference data from SQL Server to FM Server via Table references within the FM Server. We have fully developed the interface for Labor, Material and Work description information gathering on the iPad and they sync back and forth with the FM Server just fine. The next hurdle is to develop a report for a completed work order print to email to customer. The trouble here is there may be a single labor line and/or single material line or multiple of each and the layouts do not appear to lend themselves to dynamically resizing. Yes if you have one group of records like labor or material it works fine but have multiple detail types (related tables) this does not appear to be possible. I thought about building a report table and stacking all the records on top of each other and reporting on that but the field lables will need to change when listing labor vs Material etc... and there is not a dynamic way of changing lables.... I could use text fields as labels but after a while things start getting ugly. I would like to back up and Punt (so to speak) and pull the data back into SQL Server where I could easily author an SSRS report; however I am missing one critical piece with regards to the data. We will be capturing signatures and I need to render the signature on the report. There does not appear to be a way to get that signature into SQL Server blob from an FM blob, so I am stuck there.

I have watched a good lengthy video on reporting from the 2012 DevCon on Advanced Reporting Techniques and it has given me some ideas but before I go down that road I just wanted to make sure I was not missing a simpler solution due to my inexperience.

Again I could generate an SSRS report in less than an hour to cover this if I could get the signature data out of FM and into SQL…