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    How to download a FMP12 file via a URL within FileMaker Go


      I have a FM Go solution that once in a while asks the user to download a specific FMP12 file.


      From FM Go I show the user a live webpage where the user can login - and eventually get one of several different versions of an FMP12 file - depending on the user's access.


      In FMP Go 12.0.6 every thing worked fine.

      The web page with the login was displayed with a button in the right hand upper corner saying »Open in Safari«



      -and from Safari everything worked fine - and the end result was a dialogue asking if the FMP12 file was to be opened in FileMaker Go or in another application.


      Like this:






      Skærmbillede 2013-06-17 kl. 21.24.41.png


      However, in version 12.0.7 this is no longer the case.


      The live webpage seems to be stuck inside FleMaker Go's web browser sandbox - and I can not get it to open in Safari.

      The live web page with the login functions works fine - but as soon as the resulting downloadable FMP12 file should be presented I get an error saying »Failed to open...«.


      How can I get the URL from FileMaker Go to open in Safari ?

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          The very same problem as I discovered...


          My update procedure has broken because of missing this button.
          A download can not be transferred in a Safari view within Filemaker. Only a dedicated Safari session will accept this.


          I tried several solutions to download a FMP12 file into a filemaker container, but it is giving me other problems (open files, script errors) while the user is confused how to handle the update.


          It used to be a "one click update" but I am not able to build the same results on an other way...