add user to running database?

Discussion created by tunghua on Jun 15, 2013
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I am new to filemaker and this developer community, still have a lot of stupid questions, please help.


Today I found that I can create different user to use database, and give them different privilege, this is very helpful for my case, but there is one thing I can not understand. It looks like I can only change this security setting at the time I design the database. But say if I have a database up and running on filemaker server already, the whole company is using it alrdady, and one day there is a new employee, I have to add a new user to the database, how can I do that, do I have to ask everyone to close file, then I can download that running database, then add a user, then upload that database to the server again? I believe there should be a better way but I just can not find out.


Thanks a lot for your answer.



Tunghua Tai, from Taiwan, Aisa.