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Label disappearing in FM Go depending on the font

Question asked by thomas_staehli on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by thomas_staehli

I noticed something really strange on a small FM solution that we plan to deploy on some iPads and iPhones, the first word of the labels disappear from the layouts when using some fonts in filemaker Go. For example if I put a label using the "Tahoma" font (default with cool brown theme), the first word does not appear anymore. On those same layouts, if I change the font to Arial or Helevetica, everything appears.


It's no big deal as it's a small solution and I can easily change all the fonts to make it work, but I still find it really strange, any idea on how to solve that issue? I'm using FM 12 advanced 12.0v4 and filemaker Go 12.0.7