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How to generate a List of Persons with activated Checkbox ?

Question asked by freggl on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by freggl

I´m working as a DogTrainer and want to manage my trained Dog´s with their dog owners.

Each Person-Entry has the option to be activated as "Vet" by a Checkbox.

In this case the Person who is activated as Vet should be selectable as dog owner and Vet

Each Dog ist connected to a Person (the dog owner).

My problem is, that i don´t know how to set a list of "Vets" out of the Person-Table to show for selection in the Dog-Table.

I think the main problem ist that each dog has two connections to the Person-Tabele (dog owner and Vet).


I would be happy if you can help soving my Problem.