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    Question about FileMaker Server Cache


      I have a question about server cache.


      FileMaker Server 12 Advanced latest update

      Physical Memory 8GB

      HDD SAS

      Windows Server 2008 64bit in VM Environment


      I have 4095MB of RAM avaible for databases cache and my databases size are average 380MB.


      I reserved 1024MB or RAM for databases cache.


      If i observe the chart about statistic, acceses cache is always hit 100% (Min, Max and Media).


      I tryed to increase RAM for databases at the max avaible (4095MB) but my chart hit always 100%


      I tryed to reduce to min (128MB) but my chart hit always 100%.


      FileMaker recommended to keep the cache to be around 95% adjust amount of RAM reserved, but for me this method doesn't work!


      What other precautions should I take?



      Thanks, Fabio!

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          If you're getting a cache hit of 100% at the minimum cache size, great! Keep it that way until you notice the cache hit % decreasing. Think of the recommended cache hit of 95% as a minimum, rather than an optimum. Lower than that, and your users are likely to get less-than-stellar performance as data has to be read from disk instead of in-memory cache. Higher than 95% is gravy. Just be careful to balance that with the cache unsaved % — less is better, since that means the cache and data on disk are being kept in sync better. If the cache unsaved % is frequently more than 5-10%, you may need to (1) get faster disks, and (2) reduce the cache size to force Server to flush data to disk more frequently.

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            Thank you jbante, I will follow your advice!