Sleep Mode on New MacBook Air

Discussion created by RonSmithMD on Jun 18, 2013
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Just got in a new MacBook Air with the new Haswell chip. There is a serious problem with the sleep mode. No longer is there a setting in the Energy Saver to prevent sleep while running on Battery. The laptop will go to sleep regardless.


This is very significant because every time the laptop goes to sleep it disconnects FileMaker Client from FileMaker Server. That's because Airport goes to sleep and the connection is gone. Upon waking FileMaker will report then that the connection has been closed.


So, either FileMaker (I hope they are listening) will have to re-engineer the client-server connection in a hurry, or they or someone knows a work-around to prevent sleep while running on battery. It makes me wonder if FileMaker engineers don't communicate with Apple engineers on significant things like this?


Ron Smith, MD