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    Where Are My Background Colors?


      I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v4 on an iMac running OS X 10.8.4.


      Here is my data-entry screen in Layout Mode. Notice that I'm using a gradient background for the header part, and a light-gray background for the "housekeepeing" fields at the lower left:


      Layout Mode.png


      Here is the same screen in Browse mode. Notice that, while the active record has the desired light-gray background, the inactive one does not:


      Browse Mode.png


      Here is the same screen in Preview mode. Notice that the light-gray background has vanished from the fields, and the gradient background has vanished from the header part and the 2 banner fields within it. (The buttons are set to non-printing, and the title info and logo are set to slide left, so that behavior was expected.)


      Preview Mode.png


      Where are my background colors?

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          Hi Richard,


          That is a FM 12 feature :-)  If you switch off 'Delineate fields on current record only'  in the Layout setup you are back to the old situation.


          Hope that helps,


          Best regards,


          Ruben van den Boogaard

          Infomatics Software


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            Halfway there, Ruben. I've marked your answer as "Helpful", because it did indeed resolve the problem with the light-gray background in the "housekeeping" fields as well as the 2 banner fields in the header part (altho why something identified as deLINEate should affect a background AREA color is beyond me, but nonetheless it worked).


            Still to be resolved is why the gradient background color no longer appears in the header part.


            But this is progress! I am heartened. Can anyone else topple the 2nd domino?

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              Hi Richard,


              I tried to reproduce the problem... but had none. My gradient with multiple colour points worked just fine no matter what I overlayed or combined it with.


              I am not using 10.8 on this machine... I have 10.6.8. I will have to install on my server to test and I don't have time just now.


              Perhaps someone else with 10.8 can confirm their findings...


              - Lyndsay

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                FWIW, the file in question has been around since before FMP 12. At the time I converted it, it had only 2 tables. I later retrofitted them with gradient backgrounds in their header parts, and those 2 show up fine in Preview mode.


                I've subsequently added 3 more tables to it, each with its own data-entry screen. Those screens started out with the "Cool Grey" theme, but I changed it to "Classic" for consistency with the existing ones before applying a gradient (different color for each table) to their respective header parts. None of those 3 gradient backgrounds shows up in Preview mode.