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    Linking Images after Runtime Setup


      How can I have images appear in Containers after the files have been set up in runtime? We have a large folder with files of images which we choose from for inserting into the FM12 file as temporary links. But when I Bundle the FM12 files on a thumb drive and test in another PC, the images do not appear. I include the large image folder in the same folder with all the bundled FM12 files.

      I can see that the path name from which FM12 takes the image, is a D: drive but the thumb will be read as an arbitrary drive (depending on the computer).

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          If you want to have an arbitrary path that differs for each user, you need to make it relative to your file, instead of specifying a designated drive letter.


          Under File > Manage > Containers...

          Make sure your Base Directory is listed as [hosted location]/Files/_your filename_/


          It should not be listed as something like:

          D:/Files/_your filename_/


          You may also want to store all of your container data internally (IE under the options for the container field, do NOT check the box in the storage tab that says "Store container data externally")


          I am not sure how this affect runtimes, as I stopped using them in v.10, so there could be some sort of other considerations you need to make for v.12 based on how containers have changed completely. You might need to import all of the images from your folder into the runtime itself.