AWS, Interactive Container Fields, FMS 12

Discussion created by bennieboop on Jun 18, 2013
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Recently, my company migrated to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and created a virtual server to host FileMaker Server 12 and our databases. Deployment is great. We now have access to our databases. I am having an issue with the remote container fields and interactive container field options.


The container field is currently set to open storage. When I insert the .pdf, it is stored on the virtual server appropriately. I have selected the container field to be "interactive content" in the Inspector. When I click on the record, the container field goes blank with a boarder around it. It is almost like the the database believes it is displaying the interactive .pdf, but in reality it is not. The container field, I believe, is set up correctly because when I insert .pdf file and select "store by reference only" I have access to the interactive .pdf. It is using the relative path on my local computer and accessing the document. Though cool to look at, it does not help employees around the country use the interactive container field.


I have set the security group on the EC2 instance (this is the virtual server in AWS) with inbound rules for ports 5003, 16000, and 16001. I have also created inbound rules on the operating system on the virtual server (Microsoft Server 2008 R2) for these ports. Amazingly, I can access the databases (via port 5003), but the remotely stored content to feed the interactive container fields does not work. It is either blank as described about or the "Navigation to webpage was cancelled" web viewer window appears.


I am really hoping there is an un-conference session at DevCon regarding AWS and FMS12, but that does nothing to help me at the moment. Has anyone dealt with deployment via AWS and remote interactive container fields?


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.