ODBC Datasource prompting for login after uploading database on FM Server

Discussion created by michelle.peterson on Jun 18, 2013
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I created my first Filemaker Database that connects to an ODBC datasource. All was working perfectly until I wanted to share the filemaker database by uploading on FM Server. Now when I access the database, it prompts me for a login to my ODBC connection and then doesn't accept my credentials.


I am unclear why I am being prompted ... when I set up the odbc connection, I chose to "specify user name and password" in the authentication section so that users would not be prompted.I also made sure that all privelege sets had the "access via odbc/jdbc (fmxdbc)" selected.


When I was running the database locally, it connected just fine, without prompting. Only after uploading the database to the server am I having this problem.


I would greatly appreciate any guidance - it feels as if I am just missing one little switch to turn everything on.





FM Pro 12.0v2

FM Server