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    Insert an Image


      Can anyone help me, in a simple way to insert an image in to a file based on a Yes No answer



      If My field = yes then show an image if No then blank


      Must be quite simple, but can't seem to get it to work


      I have a container type table with 3 field in and different pictures in each file

      I have done a Case entry




      if x = "Yes", fileID=1;

      if x = "No", fileID=2;

      if x = "", fileID=3



      but I can't get the image to show




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          Create a calculation field with that case structure and put the calculation field on the layout. That will do for display. If you need to be able to drag and drop, make a small square of the actual container field colored black or gray or something similar and place it strategically close to the full size calculation field.




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            Hi KO,


            The results in your Case statement need to be the fields that contain the relevant images, not "file IDs" (whatever they are). Have a look at this thread, addressing a similar question recently: