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Trouble with Text Ruler in Layout Mode

Question asked by micinfo on Jun 19, 2013
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In Layout Mode (FMP11, Mac 10.7.5) I am trying to configure a text field so that the first line of each paragraph is outdented. I found this documentation for FMP11:


Text ruler and its margin markers and indent markers

In Browse mode, the text ruler reflects the current field’s settings.

In Layout mode, the text ruler reflects the settings of the selected layout object.


I interpret that to mean that in Layout Mode I can set the Text Ruler so that it applies to the field in every record, not just the current record (the latter is what the ruler does in Browse mode). However, I can only see the text rule when I am working on a text label in Layout mode, and not on a field.


Anyone know if it's possible to get the text ruler to function on a field in Layout mode, or is it necessary to "merge" the field into a text label on the layout in order to apply the text ruler? If we are restricted to the latter, it strikes me as an inconsistency since it does let you apply the ruler to a field in Browse mode but not Layout mode.