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Wordpress, Gravity Forms, and FileMaker

Question asked by BruceRobertson on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by ianblackburn

I have a client who is getting a web site developed by an expensive developer, using Wordpress and Gravity Forms.


My client wants to integrate travel related information, publishing some information to their site, pulling some traveler inquiries from web forms, and ultimately capturing the data in FileMaker.


We have pursued an approach using MySQL on the web side, then using ESS to read or write resulting data.


I am confounded the thought processes of the web developers.


I am stunned. They seem to make everything extremely difficult, reading and writing to complex unmodifiable Wordpress tables, then complaining if we ask them to write to a more normalized structure.


The Wordpress and Gravity Forms seems to be all the rage but I can't see why.


Gravity Forms is basically EAV–attribute–value_model


And the warnings seem to be exactly correct:


There are certain cases where an EAV schematic is an optimal approach to data modelling for a problem domain. However, in many cases where data can be modelled in statically relational terms an EAV based approach is an anti-pattern which can lead to longer development times, poor use of database resources and more complex queries when compared to a relationally-modelled data schema.


Do any of you work with Wordpress/Gravity Forms and integrate with FileMaker?


Do practitioners of this technology ever make sense when looked at from a data structure perspective?


Bruce Robertson